Man arrested after fire extinguisher fraud           

                 Submitted by Taylor Katz, Web Producer, 10 News In Your Neighborhood
                 Wednesday, December 12th, 2012, 2:12pm

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Spring Hill, FL--Hernando County deputies arrested a man who they say has been posing as a "fire extinguisher inspector", and fraudulently charging people for his services.

According to reports, 50-year-old Allen
Rhyndress offered his visual fire extinguisher inspection services to at least four businesses over the last few weeks, charging his "customers" $80 for each job.

On three occasions, Rhyndress reportedly just walked into the businesses, offered and performed his services, collected the money and then provided a hand-written receipt.  

His fourth and final job came from one of his previously scammed business owners, who asked Rhyndress to inspect an extinguisher at another one of her business' locations.

Rhyndress' scam came to an end when one of the victims contacted her regular fire inspector, and found out that Rhyndress was not employed by him, reports say.

Once she alerted law enforcement, detectives interviewed Rhyndress and learned of the other businesses he conned.

In the interviews, Rhyndress reportedly told detectives he was doing this to earn money to assist his mother with her finances.

Officials arrested Rhyndress Monday evening and charged him with Organized Fraud, but they believe other businesses in Hernando and even Pasco Counties may have fallen victim to his scam.

If you or anyone you know had a fire extinguisher "visually inspected" by Allen Rhyndress, please contact Detective Robert Desmond at 352-797-3868 or



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