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Local governing authorities adhere to codes, standards, and recommended practices and guides when developing area specific life safety and fire prevention plans in accordance with:

  • The National Fire Prevention Association
  • Florida Statutes 633: Fire Prevention and Control
  • Florida Administrative Code 69A Rules
  • The Florida State Fire Marshall's Office

The protection of life and property from loss by fire requires compliance with specific standards and must be met, as a minimum, by every occupancy, facility, building, structure, premises, device, or activity to which it applies.

It is the establishment's responsibility to remain compliantwith the various Regulatory Agencies that inspect and document the fire and health safety of your business.  Failure to maintain your fire safety equipment is a serious code violation.  In most areas throughout the State, fire safety violations are now being made available to the public, your customer base, on the internet.

Embarrassing and costly fire code violations are avoidable by keeping current!

Pasco Fire and Safety Equipment Company, Inc., is committed to keeping business complaint.  Our documentation, provided with your service, is required by Accreditation Agencies, Local Inspectors, Fire Marshalls and Insurancecompanies for code compliance.

Call us today to avoid code violations and bring your business into compliance.  Our scheduling is flexible to meet your business needs and our licensed professional staff can assist you in the areas of service, sales and installation.  We are committed to keeping you in compliance and will schedule routine service appointments based on your needs.

Let Pasco Fire & Safety help keep you in code compliance.  

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